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OKAY SO honestly a few weeks ago (i don’t know why i’m doing this so late along with typing it up at 1 am) i reached 1,000 followers!! recently it’s been wavering around 1,024-1,027 and i stared at my follower count for awhile before thinking HEY WAIT WASN’T I SUPPOSED TO HOLD UP A GIVEAWAY TO CELEBRATE

SO HERE’S MY ANIME HOODIE/SHIRT GIVEAWAY!! and homestuck, because i’m celebrating 4/13 too hell yeah


  1. Dangan Ronpa! Monokuma T-Shirt (Also comes in 3 other designs)
  2. Kagerou Project! Tsubomi Kido hoodie. This also comes in purple.
  3. KILL la KILL! Senketsu polo!! i want this why am i not getting this for myself tbh
  4. Sailor Moon! rea lly adorable crewneck omg
  5. Attack on Titan! Zipper hoodie, graphic on the back.
  6. Homestuck! This is a pullover hoodie, you can request the other types of god tier designs though!
  7. Space Dandy!! Button up cosplay coat!!

i don’t have all the money in the world so there’ll only be ONE winner picked randomly, and they’ll get to pick one of the seven prizes here.

if wanted, the winner can find something else online that costs 30-ish dollars and i can get that instead for them!!

but anywaY, RULES!

  • must be following me here at mosquii!! man like i hate to be that guy but if it’s a follower giveaway i wouldn’t want to spend the money to have a nonfollower win, then like leave to nevER ACKNOWLEDGE MY EXISTENCE AGA IN…
  • reblog all you want! likes don’t count, but you can like anyway for reference!
  • No giveaway blogs!! i’d like the word of this giveaway to be spread well B)
  • I will be shipping US only! however it depends on the person i’m buying the product from, if it turns out that the seller is okay with international shipping then that’ll be okay with me!
  • Giveaway ends at June 25th 2014, two days after my bday, that gives me time to prepare after getting more money if necessary you feel?

YEAH MAN I’M PRETTY PSYCHED ABOUT THIS cause i’ve never made a giveaway before other than like an art giveaway a really long time ago BUT this’ll be fun!!

Even if you don’t win, check out Featurepoints!! you can win a lot of prizes, from amazon gift cards to clean paypal cash, just by testing out apps on your phone for 30 seconds to one minute B) my referral code is 8Y54SA, if you put that code in you’ll get a starter 50 points!! (you can get 5 usd for each 3000 points you get, and it’s waaay easy)

if you want more info about that, click here friends and/or message me if you’re confused about anything duvub

I’ll add this in my bio later

OK. So I know some people didn’t like the honey confession. What I’ll start doing from now on is putting trigger warnings. If I forget to put any on future confessions I post LET ME KNOW ASAP. If there’s any other types of problems you may have with a certain confession let me know about that too. Don’t be afraid to message me.

Can you please put a trigger warning on that honey confessions?

I’ll start doing that from now on. So it would be like (#tw:rape) right??

regarding that honey confession do you think you could tag anything that mentions rape or noncon? ;o;

Well I do tag it under #space dandy nsfw confessions but yes I could start doing that. Sorry…>_